Cigar Traveller - The Original
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Hints and tips from around the world.

The Cigar Traveller lighter is now used in virtually all corners of the globe. Not only have they been well received as a travel lighter, but many people have commented on how great they are as an every day lighter whether travelling or not. The wind proof and water proof elements have been extremely will received as has the accuracy of the flame. Obviously with the launch of any new product there will be questions that come our way that make us think that it would be a good idea to make certain hints and tips clearer.

Apart from lighting a cigar, the primary purpose of having a Cigar Traveller is to allow us to travel with hand luggage only and a jet flame at the other side. One or two people have had warnings at airports that keeping more that 1 or 2 inserts in their hand luggage is not allowed. Because inserts are refillable we would advise travelling with no more that 2 inserts in hand luggage. We would also advise that you keep the inserts either in your pocket or in with your liquids during security check.

The Cigar traveller will work with around 90% of other flat top lighters and be as efficient, but it works best with our adapted inserts. We will be posting as list of compatible soft flame lighters as and when we receive them.

The Cigar Traveller jet flame can be adjusted by simply adjusting the soft flame insert. The Cigar Traveller also comes to you empty of fuel so that it can travel to you by post safely. 

As yet, in the entire world not one Cigar Traveller lighter has been confiscated at airport security, which is extremely encouraging for all of us.

We will be publishing a comprehensive list of where the Cigar Traveller is available in retail outlets. 

Happy Smoking. 

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