Cigar Traveller - The Original
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Can the Cigar Traveller range travel in flight hand luggage?
Yes, it is designed for hand luggage travel. 
How is it best to travel with a Cigar Traveller?
Take the refill cartridge out of the case and store that with your liquids. Keep the two elements separate until you pass through security and you can then reassemble your Cigar Traveller.
Is it guaranteed that the Cigar Traveller will go through airport security?
It would not be possible to guarantee this, but here at Cigar Traveller we have thought it through. Firstly, the cartridge has been disabled for use as a normal lighter by having the Flint wheel removed. That renders it useless without the case. The case itself is useless without the cartridge, so if kept separately you have nothing that breaches any air safety law. 
What happens if security take the cartridge away?
The Cigar Traveller fits any flat top lighter, refillable or disposable, but you may want to carry a couple of spare CT refills in your hold baggage if you are worried. Trust us though, you needed be.
Is the Cigar Traveller range wind proof?
Yes. It is extremely wind proof and useful in camping and outdoor pursuit situations too.
Is the Cigar Traveller range water proof?
Yes. It is not designed to be submerged in water, but if it does, simply take the cartridge out, leave the bottom flap open on the CT33 or the two part separate on the CT30 and allow to dry. Our advice is that it's good for a rain storm, but not deep sea diving.
Is the Cigar Traveller range child safe.
The CT30 has a child protective lock but the CT33 does not. Because this is a torch lighter, which ever model you have, we would strongly advise keeping them well away from children.
Is the technology used to convert the flame reliable?
Yes, extremely. It is a patented design that has been around for years. 
Can I safely give the Cigar Traveller as a gift by post?
Providing it has no fuel in it, there is nothing to stop you sending the Cigar Traveller by post.
How long is it between refills?
You should be able to achieve a solid flame for between 20 and 30 minutes between refills.